Saturday, April 26, 2008

What is in your hand?

In 1975 my first husband Al and I moved from Wisconsin to Massachusetts with a lay over in NYC. Our tiny yellow Toyota pulled all we owned in a two-wheeled trailer. Jennifer and Janis were just three and one. The local grocery store where we settled handed out Green Stamps with each purchase and I filled books and books of them. Finally I saved enough to redeem them for two sets of blue and white Pfaltzgraff dishes which I still use daily today.

Next week at work we will be celebrating the birthday of a co-worker and friend. My assignment is paper products. Lately even the amount of paper and plastic used-then-trashed at the hospital cafeteria has me distracted. What shall I do?
Bite the bullet and buy what's expected? No, can't.
Find biodegradable plates and napkins? Possibly.
Drive to WalMart and pick up a cheapy set of regular plates and some metal forks and donate them for use in staff functions. Better, but...

The light dawned while washing breakfast dishes...donate plates I already have. Through the years my set of Pfaltzgraff has grown. I could easily donate a dozen saucers for use as cake plates. Best.

In our age bracket, the over 59, we have passed the acquiring years. We have stuff. Some of us have lots of stuff. Stuff that shouldn't sit idle. Stuff that could benefit someone else. Look around your place. Put it to use yourself or find someone who can.

LESSON: What is in your hand? Use it, make due with it, transform it into something useful, or find someone else who can benefit from it.

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