Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life Giving - Water

It rained yesterday. Hard. Our new white plastic rain barrel is brimming with fresh, cool water today. It sits proudly on our front step directly under a roof run off spot. All my blue buckets are full even after filling seven one-gallon plastic milk containers and watering all my seedlings. I must admit it was a bit strange using the microwave to warm the water for the seedlings. The temperature outside has been between 35-45' F and the seedlings are inside at around 60'F.

This is only the third rain of April...the 2nd, the 12th, and the 28th. We're going to have to catch a lot more rain water each rainy day to last two weeks at a time! We seeded lettuce, radishes, beets, onions, and peas in the garden before the rain began. The soil temp is just barely warm enough. But it is the rain that opens the promise of life to the dormant seeds and smiles to our faces. It is the rain that keeps the cycle of life moving. It is the delicate balance of water from sky/earth/under the earth and back again that keeps the cycle of man moving. There is no substitute.

Just now a long time friend of mine waits by a hospital bed while her mother is dying. I thought of her today when I was part of the team who saved a life. Life, the life of another, is truly an individual miracle of Creation. Just the right balance of water, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and mineral. There is no substitute.

LESSON: In my use of water remember that all life, every individual life, is dependent on the same water cycle. There is no substitute.

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