Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Medicine of Laughter

In 1970 I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology. Sounds serious.
Today a couple techs and I spent the thirty minutes at change of shift just laughing. Laughing at how I asserted myself with the lab manager today over a pushy patient trying to bully her way around the Healthcare system...and me. The thought of me being assertive no matter what the subject strikes people who know me as a laugh. Laughing at a childhood story of a little girl, whose mother dashed outside to bring in the laundry before the coming storm only to find out her six year old had locked the door. The mother could not get into the house until a neighbor came over and broke a window. Let's see, six...old enough to unlock doors also wouldn't you think. How bad is that? Laughing at a woman who decided to clean up her back yard and rip out all those vines...and now itching from poison ivy all over her body...again this year! She's good looking but not too bright.

Laughter brought a brief relief from the serious nature of all the current subjects in the news. Fuel, food, water, disease, climate change, unemployment. "We can't make the curse go away, we can just soften it a little." post for April 24, 2008.

LESSON: In planning for the future include provision for my family, provision to share with others, and laughter to soften the stress.

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