Friday, April 25, 2008

Delight in Discovery

My youngest daughter's girls are four and two years old, Grace and Violet. Watching them make discoveries is life affirming for Nana. Their little minds are like vacuum cleaners just sucking in all the information they can get ahold of and packing it away in some mysterious order.

Arriving home from work today, I made a Nana discovery. A mysterious box addressed to me was sitting "This Side Up" on my dining room table. The return address was What part of my order is this? Inside were twelve sectioned off chambers each one containing a plant - three sweet peppers and nine tomatoes of various names. I didn't order these. Although somewhere in my mind was a thought of peppers, didn't I get any peppers? The packing slip showed it was paid for by me! What on earth am I going to do with more tomatoes? Right now, I just counted them, I have 45 tomato plants in my living room hovering around a grow light in front of the picture window. Now I really have to implement the neighborhood distribution each family a tomato plant (or two) to encourage them to grow some of their own food. So I unpacked the box, made a little room for each on the table, and vacuumed up the mess.

LESSON: After 59 our minds are not like vacuum cleaners any more. Write it down. Write it down. Write it down. Keep track of what you order, from where, when, how much, and instructions on what to do with it when you get it. Write down your garden plan - what goes where, when, and why. Plan ahead for harvest, storage, and seed saving before the time comes. Making a life change is not easy when your mind has settled into habitual ruts. Stretch those muscles, move those joints and get out the garden gloves.

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