Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day, is it GREEN for you?

Why do we do the things we do? Or more specifically why should we be interested in changing our life style in order to live sustainably? Why not just live conservatively, modestly, comfortably, and quietly? Why should we change at this point in our lives? Why have I decided to change?

When David wanted to replace all our light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, I thought sure, why not, and we replaced all the bulbs in the house. When a friend at work bought all her coworkers a cloth shopping bag, I thought sure, why not, and bought a couple more. When our local recycle center offered compost containers for twenty dollars, I thought sure, why not, and now have a small x-doggie treat container by the kitchen sink to hold food scraps and coffee grounds before they get emptied into the larger backyard compost container. When our town offered roadside recycling pickup, I thought sure, why not, and started cleaning and dividing the paper, plastic, glass, and cardboard into separate bins. When David said, "Let's carpool on the day's our work schedules match", I thought, why not, I don't need a car while I'm at work. None of these changes impacted my life significantly.

Somewhere in my reading about world events, or climate change, or peak oil, or air pollution. Maybe the data gathered during the "no fly time" after 911 about air pollution from commercial aircraft. I don't know. But included somewhere was the realization that the air pollution from the industrialization of the U.S., over time, effected the rain patterns in Africa causing drought and famine, starvation and death. That single idea brought me a sense of responsibility and remorse that I had not known previously.
My heart changed. When the heart changes, the actions do too.


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