Monday, April 21, 2008


"I married a slug." David prides himself in thinking before he acts. Why spend time, energy, and sweat unless you are sure it will work or can't get out of it? Consequently he reads alot. For me, reading isn't active enough. I have a craft room full of partially completed projects, project ideas, materials that might become project ideas. Then there is the equipment - easel, floor loom, spinning wheel, sewing machine and table, shelves and baskets for storage of things like scissors, glue, ribbon, thread, yarn, fabric, oil paints, acrylic paints, objects that I've gathered in case I might use them, etc. You get the picture.

My gathering is now spreading throughout the whole house. As long as David can find a path to his computer, his recliner by the reading lamp, and the dining room table, he's just fine. So while I've been gathering, he has been reading. Lucky we're focusing on the same subject. Then it happened!! David purchased Russet seed potatoes and sweet onion sets and I started reading articles in CountrySide magazine. Yesterday WE planted potatoes in the new front yard garden. From the five pounds of seed potatoes we may harvest 50-75 pounds of useable potatoes this fall. Once the man makes up his mind to move, I have to run to keep up.

LESSON: Gardening for the over 59 set requires careful movements. Always lift with the legs, have a small stool nearby (squatting isn't as easy as it used to be), take frequent water breaks, work slow and steady, stretch those muscles out often, and don't try to do it all in one day.

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