Sunday, January 17, 2010

Do You Have A Saboteur At Hand?

When you’re in the midst of making a life style change, family members and friends can be very supportive, even helpful. But beware of the saboteur. He’s the one who works underhandedly to defeat or obstruct your endeavor to change. The one who keeps offering you “a bite” or “a taste” of some food you are struggling to avoid. The one who insists on going out to your favorite restaurant where you always over-indulge. The one who says he “just wants you to be happy” (since you’ve been a little irritable with the diet change). He presents a temptation to you.

This is exactly where you learn to build your strength of resolve, your character. This is where your prayers will be answered as you say,
“No, thank you. Not today.”

Ultimately you’re on your own. But don’t be afraid. You know the Source of strength outside yourself. You can pray it. You can think it.
ASSIGNMENT 5: Practice this technique, “No, thank you. Not today”, then change the subject as you turn and walk away. (Perhaps head for a glass of cold water).

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