Monday, May 12, 2008

What if...

Today as we backed away from the trees to look at the forest, a side track presented itself. Of course a side track always comes from nowhere but it steals your attention away from all the other thoughts on your mind. David and I have been married for almost twenty years. In the last couple years we have often read aloud together. Today he read Sharon Astyk's May 12, 2008 post. She describes aspects of the rapid change taking place in the Earth not as single elements of carbon emissions or methane bubbles or ice melts, but as a accumulative snowball effect of all the factors. She emphasizes the need for marked life style change in order to ease the serious "fall from the tree" and thus preventing the fatal "fall".
This is where my side track jumped in.

What if everyone in the U.S. was asked to stop using all energy for 24 hours? That's no gasoline, no oil, no propane, no natural gas, no coal, no corn, no electricity. Everyone means all households, public transportation - air, sea, ground - industry, business, education, municipal, government, even medical. All stop.

What if everyone in the U.S. was asked to stop using all energy for one day a week every week?

What if other countries adopted the same policy?

What if the whole world quit energy use for one day a week, every week?

What if scientific data showed that when all, I mean every individual, complied, we could save the planet and a modified version of our life style?

What if some dissented and refused to comply?

What if sanctions were imposed to force the dissenters to comply in order to save the planet?

What if they continued to refuse? What then?

What if the real questions are who are we, where did we come from, and why are we here?

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