Friday, May 9, 2008

9 1/2...

David just read the previous post and couldn't get past "Today I quit my job." The blood drained from his face. He just stared at the computer screen. Even after I explained that I DID NOT quit my job today. I only used it as an example...that it's childish to think a person can dictate to herself how to learn something she knows nothing about.

The opposite is true. Childlikeness is a quality of openminded trust and wonder that examines the smallest detail and the simpliest relationship. I live on the Earth. There is something to learn right where I am. I'll watch, listen, smell, touch, taste... I'll pray, study, work, share, learn, change.

Tomorrow begins with an accounting of what is in my hand.

LESSON: Warn dear ones ahead of time before using examples that may shock them. Its only nice.

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