Monday, May 5, 2008

Cycle Back to the Beginning

My back porch faces east and the sunrise. The six by eight open space with a roof is my "just sittin' and..." space. Just sittin' and reading, just sittin' and watching, just sittin' and listening, mostly just sittin' and thinkin' space. This morning it was my just sittin' and reading, then thinkin', then listening space. Spring songs birds can be obnoxiously loud depending on what you're doing when they break into song. Robins, for instance, are much like roosters. In suburbia it is their job to call forth the sun generally from a low perch next to an open bedroom window. This morning however I heard a new song. Thankfully it was very loud or the sound of traffic zooming by delivering the community to work would have masked the song. Venturing out into the yard in robe and rollers, I finally caught a glimpse of a Baltimore Oriole fly between oak trees overhead. So Spring is really here!

The yearly cycle of life has come around again. Time for repairing the broken, renewing old friendships, growing in knowledge, repenting and changing. For me, as a creationist, I see God as providing the Earth with all that we needed as long as we chose to live in harmony with it and Him. Mankind gave up that idea long ago and we've collectively managed to destroy Earth's balance. Making an effort to find that harmony again shows my respect for Earth's Creator and His created.

LESSON: Always give a moment of concentrated listen to the song birds who call us to remember where we've come from.

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Rachel said...

Our yearly spring bird call is not only Robins but wild turkeys...first thing in the morning. It's good to be at the beginning again...a reminder that you can always start new!

Garden boxes are turned and ready for manure and seeds. The simple life calls. Hard work yields sweet rewards. :)

Nice Blog.