Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking To 2012

As we think of the New Year, all of us have hope for change.  Most predictions I've read try to put a happy face on negative situations.  But here's one I like by Sharon Astyk, author, -  A Nation of Farmers and other books, articles.
"8. Thrift will be the new cool thing - after five years of getting poorer (actually, 30+ years of falling real wages, but who is counting) and never knowing whether they'll have a job or enough money to pay the bills, the culture of thrift will hit the mainstream in fun new ways. Repurposing, repairing, mending, do it yourself and best of all, living on little will become emergently enjoyable, even competitive. A youth culture will emerge around cheerful acceptance of their poverty and hot young couples will be featured in magazines not buying stuff and loving each other for their ability to make George Washington scream."

My own New Year's Hope for Change Prediction:  Each of us will have the opportunity to open up to receive it and to give it...

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WILDBLUESbysus said...

Took the photo right in Princeton...Lewey Lake.