Saturday, November 13, 2010

Once upon a time...

Long ago and far away in the territory of Heaven lived the Angels. All Angels were strong, healthy, beautiful and very happy. Perfect in every way. Regularly their Master would communicate with them and tell them, "I AM the one who created you. I AM who loves you. I AM the one who provides everything you need for a perfectly happy life in Heaven." The Angels cheered and worshipped the Master. They felt exhilarating joy even at the sound of the words, "I AM all for you." The Angels were perfectly content, until...

In the middle of perfection one Angel asked the question, "How do we know the Master isn't keeping something from us? How do we know The Master is creator? Or withholding some pleasure? How do we know we're loved as much as possible? I would offer full disclosure if I was in charge."

Angels had never exercised their minds in questions about the Master before, but found they were free to think as they chose. After analyzing their situation and relationship with the Master, most Angels chose not to examine these questions any further but remain content in the Master's Heaven. But a few listened to the questions. Questions grew into doubt. Doubt grew into mistrust. Mistrust grew into unrest and rebellion.

The Master created a new planet called Earth and a new race - Humans. The peace and happiness of Heaven filled Earth also. Regularly the Master would visit the Humans to teach them about their origin and all the life around them. Lucifer, the leader of the rebellious Angels, jealous of the Master's ability to create, purposed to the Master, "I can offer a life of freedom to these brand new Humans. Let me have this planet to show everyone that there is more to life than what you offer." The Master considered Lucifer's proposal and allowed Lucifer limited access to the new Humans. So the Master communicated with the Humans and told them to stay away from one particular tree in their beautiful garden. Eating the fruit of that tree would cause death. The Humans were happy to comply until one day they found themselves near the tree, listening to a different voice, admiring the deadly fruit, and ultimately choosing to eat it.

In their next communication with the Master the consequence of their choice was presented. "You have chosen to separate yourselves from My Plan for your happiness. I AM life to you and you have chosen to deny that. Your course is set for death as you have chosen to be The Demonstration of dissention and rebellion. I AM now to you Everlasting Love. I AM now to you the Promise of Salvation. I AM now to you the Sacrificial Lamb who alone stands in the position to offer eternal life to those destined for eternal death. The choice is yours.

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