Saturday, June 6, 2009


Earlier this spring we spotted a lone bumblebee cruising our yard. She disappeared into a hole in the ground. We were pleased she was at home with us. We'd see her off and on making her rounds. Of course we weren't sure if every sighting was the same bumblebee. When the rhododendrons bloomed we found out. Three bumbles on the same bush!!

One afternoon while sitting on our little porch discussing the several wasp hives that were under construction overhead, a giant bumblebee with a totally black abdomen flew in and challenged the wasps. Quite impressive. A few days later I found a little sawdust on the porch steps. Not a big deal. We have been cutting a lot of wood lately. But this was fresh and reappeared each time I swept it away. Then the huge bumble flew in and entered a hole just her size in the edge of the board over the steps! And....and the wasps are gone!!

Most of my life I've considered all insects as pests except the honey bee, oh, and the occasional spider that ate their insect neighbors. For the past couple years the lack of insects has caught my attention. At first, pleasantly. Then I feared spiders were taking over the world. Now the incredible variety of these specialized tiny creatures fascinates me. My house is still off limits to ants, mosquitos, and biting flies. And I will escort spiders to the door. But the amazing color, complexity, variety, and specification of the insect population has me in awe, again, of Our Creator.

Check out this website to see Bumblebees in your neighborhood

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