Saturday, October 11, 2008

Comments on the Financial Situation - Power

As a kid spending summer vacation at the family cabin in northern Minnesota, my brother and sister and I very often played cards on rainy days. War, spades, cribbage, canasta, and whatever we could think up. Even as kids there were moves to be made, strategy to win the game. "You show me yours and I'll show you mine." Who had the most convincing bluff?

As with playing cards, governments in crisis are now planning their economic strategy, their next move. The question is no longer who has the highest card but who can bluff to win. Ilargi at The Automatic Earth blog writes,
I told you: this is not an economic crisis anymore, it’s a full-blown political emergency, and they’re all trying to hang on to "power".

"We see again that every crisis in the aging political-economic-military-cultural unity that now makes the infant globalist world-state is used to shore it up more firmly. Each crisis ties the system together more closely and more powerfully." John McCall, spiritual advisor

A couple days ago while standing in line at Rite-Aid the clerk told the woman in front of me that her debit card had no money. The customer, who could not communicate in English anyway, was confused. She pulled out her Rite-Aid discount card. While the clerk explained that the discount card was not a credit card, I wondered what the woman was trying to buy - it was already in a bag.
How much did it cost? Should I pay for it?

The customer walked out without her item. When I left the building, I saw her walking down the road. As I drove home, I decided to carry an extra twenty dollars that would always be available to whomever might need it.

LESSON: I can't control the international economy but I can respond with assistance to those around me.

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