Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Comments on the Financial Situation - Home Invasion

Several years ago my husband decided to take a chance and hire the husband of one of his employees. The man had just been released from jail and really needed a job. Day One went all right. He trained fairly easily. On Day Two when I walked into the shop with my husband, I noticed him doing something in my work space which was next to his but separated by a computer table, chair, and counter. What is he doing? As I approached my work area, he returned to his own. Immediately I looked to the shelf where I kept my purse. It had vanished!!

Well, I marched over, took the box of trash he was carrying, and uncovered my purse in the bottom of the box. When I asked about it, he coldly lied right to my face. Seeing I didn't believe that whooper, he switched his story and expected me to believe him as he denied doing anything wrong at all. I was flabbergasted at his total disrespect for me and how stupid he thought I was. This guy could be a CEO today!!! Wish I had recognized his potential back then. I just fired the guy on the spot in front of all the other employees - no severance pay, no limo, no day at the spa.

Five days later I called the police to report a break in at our home. Most everything of value was gone. They lifted a few partial prints but not enough to nail the guy. Wonder who it was? A potential CEO?

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