Monday, June 2, 2008

Day Two: Quitting It Today

DAY ONE: At 7:15pm I ran to the freezer and grabbed ice cream. I only had fifteen minutes to eat as much ice cream as I could hold. Cookies 'n Cream not my favorite flavor but better than no ice cream. I finished eating at about 7:40...passed my 7:30 deadline!! I chose 7:30pm as my cut off time for food, all food, each day because I arrive home from work around 7pm. Except for my coffee, breakfast is usually a healthy meal. For lunch I'll eat something at the hospital cafeteria or brown bag* it. (*Currently standing in for the brown bag is a lovely zipper topped reusable lunch bag.) My eating addiction occurs after work when comfort eating takes over.

DAY TWO: Not bad. I had the day off work today. Started the day with homemade whole grain toast with peanut butter and black raspberry jam, orange juice, and coffee. Lunch included a bean burrito, alfalfa sprouts, Bing cherries, and cheese. Then 6:30pm came. A bowl of popcorn and done by 7:30pm. YES! Of course it's only 9pm now and I have stuff to do before going to bed. Then back to work tomorrow...the stress routine... we'll see tomorrow how it goes. Bon Appetit.


Chile said...

Hm. Be careful not to stuff yourself quickly just to beat the clock. Maybe you can focus on WHY (hunger or comfort) you're eating instead of when. Even though you know you tend towards the comfort eating at night, you don't want to give yourself a bellyache. :)

WILDBLUESbysus said...

You're quite cute Chile. Joining your challenge has indeed caused me to think about why and how addictions happen; and, what is the desired end result.