Thursday, June 5, 2008

5, 4 ...

The time is here for a little update on the overall change progress. OK, the only thing left to plant is bee balm seedlings and perhaps more leaf lettuce and greens. Tomatoes need to be staked with longer stakes, peas need to be tied up. Potatoes need to be mulched. Boy, guess this weekend is going to be busy.

Harvested parsley and chives for eating fresh. Drying dill, cilantro, mint. Oh, I canned 7 quarts and three pints of wild blueberry sauce using berries from my freezer, making room for something new.

At a flea market several weeks ago we met a couple selling local honey. This week we purchased 60 pounds of their honey. It is sooooooooo luxurious. Just a living, flowing gold. Our favorite bread recipe contains honey.

All my extra tomato plants have new homes. The first plant I tried to give away was rejected! Probably my babbling about non-hybrid, heirloom varieties and seed-saving made the baby tomato plant too much work. So I backed off on the details and gave a total of 21 away - not counting the three that sacrificed their lives so I could harvest their soil.

Education is coming along the lines of saying "no" to comfort eating. Learning what an addiction is, how to stop, and turn around. It's hands on, or rather hands off, learning. A big thank you to the Quit It Today Challenge by Chile Chews at .

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Chile said...

Sure makes life interesting when you take an option off the table, doesn't it?

60 POUNDS of honey? Wow. That's a lot of sweetness. Mmm, blueberry sauce, too.