Friday, July 30, 2010

The Big Green Move

Moving stuff...personal stuff...functional stuff...necessary stuff...can be a huge job. But deciding what to do with all the stuff - stuff you no longer want to keep or do not have room to keep - now that's a HUGE job.

Here are some ideas:

Recycle paper, shred personal papers before recycling
Recycle plastic
Return bottles for deposit
Return plastic bags to the market
Recycle light weight cardboard
Divide metal items by element and sell by the pound
Recycle books
Recycle vinyl records, video tapes, DVDs
Donate clothing and shoes
Donate furniture and useable household items
Advertise on a local bulletin board - free items
Advertise on Craig's List
Contact a local auctioneer
Visit a local antique dealer with items to offer
Contact relatives to take memoribilia and photos
Have a garage sale
Hire someone to come clean out your basement or attic
Advertise larger items - cars, boats, snow blowers, etc. in appropriate local papers
Check with a local school or day care center to see if they need supplies
Donate food to a local pantry

Some methods are individual, for instance, I gave a crafty friend my left over remnants of fleece fabric. She assembled them all into a quilt and gave it to me as a retirement gift! Nice.

There must be more avenues to use to place unwanted items. Any ideas?

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