Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feelin' Lucky

We were feelin' lucky and bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket yesterday for our twentieth wedding anniversary.  Yep, you're right.  Not a single number picked.  The jackpot is now 145 million.  And today that little entertainment is forgotten. 

Thankfulness remains.  Being married to someone who comes at issues from the opposite point of view and yet respectfully perseveres until both have expressed themselves and are understood is an amazing experience.  Not painless, but amazing.  The effort put into learning to live well together has a Big Payoff.

I love you, David.

LESSON:  Finding your self worth in God, not in your partner, can produce a life of amazement. 


Rachel said...

I can appreciate the perseverance...I would love to do that with my spouse. Not just shut down. Maybe it gets better with age?

WILDBLUESbysus said...

Well, note your age and length of marriage compared to mine. It takes time and work just like planning/sketching/painting a mural!