Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thinking Positive

Spring will not be stopped no matter how hard winter dominates. Sixty degrees today and the ground is still well covered with snow. Did manage to sit out in the sun reading for a few minutes this morning until Janis arrived with the girls. Haven't seen them since their sleep over a couple weeks ago when we painted for the first time.

Today filled quickly with shopping, coloring, undressing and dressing tiny princesses, shampooing Marshmellow and Sheepy-Sheepy in the washing machine with a blow-dry and style in the dryer, planting pumpkin and watermelon seeds to take home, and collective composing at the piano.

Winter has dragged on some this year. Some with sickness, not in this house, but a couple friends fighting cancer, a couple more with serious surgeries, and many in need of encouragement. Even I finally gave into taking pain medication for a bad knee that knocks me off my feet by the end of an eight hour work day.

The tree and limb clean up from last December's ice storm will take all year. We plan to grow vegetables in a series of Earth Boxes this season. Hopefully by fall raised beds will take the place of downed trees and be readied for 2010 planting. My order is out for blueberry bushes (not wild blues) and a couple other flowering bushes to attract pollinating insects.

The time changes tonight so it's back to driving to work in the dark, but not for long.
Spring will arrive soon. No doubt. Bring it on.

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