Sunday, February 15, 2009

The He/She Other

Merging into traffic requires cooperation with that unknown driver element. You know, does the he/she driving the other vehicle appreciate the smooth rhythmic flow of traffic, or, will the he/she anticipate your intention to change lanes and block your every effort? As I exited the interstate into the left lane, other vehicles were entering the exit into the right lane. About a quarter mile ahead on the right was the Mall entrance. Apparently ALL the traffic needed to make that right turn including me. Today's he/she other driver realized before I did that my merging into the right lane would be difficult unless someone let me in. So the he/she other stuck to my right rear blind spot like super-glue. Frustrated, knowing that I needed to be in the right lane and that the he/she other wouldn't let me in, I looked straight ahead to find myself alone in the left lane. Well, I stepped on the gas. Passed every car (about 15 cars) in the right lane. Changed lanes. Turned right into the Mall entrance. And asked myself, "What just happened?"

The path everyone was travelling, the path I thought I needed to take, turned out to be unnecessary. By not pressing to conform to the known path, I discovered another - the one that opened before me - like an open door.

LESSON: Don't insist on your own understanding. You may miss the open door right in front of you.

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