Monday, July 14, 2008


Time for a little catchup. We're back in town, back to work, back to thinking change in life style. Although we didn't fully celebrate Crunchy's Golden Showers Garden Party, we have a new addition to our bathroom appliances. Apottopeein. This handy little "appliance" has a screw on lid and can hold up to a half gallon of liquid human fertilizer concentrate -- urine. When diluted with water ten parts water to one part urine, it offers nitrogen to garden soil. Already plants around my yard and garden are smiling with the green glow of new nitrogen. It's so easy, always available and doesn't cost a thing. (My particular pot, a former storage container, was nabbed and recycled into its new prominent position as Apottopeein.) I recommend this simple and natural way to fertilize your outside plants and shrubs. You may however prefer the upscale glass version of Apottopeein available wherever you find one.


Gavin said...

Hi Susan, found your blog via a comment you left at the noimpactman site and like your sincerity.

Like the cool bucket, but I have a simpler method here in Australia. The boys of the house wee into the compost bins or into the watering can which we then dilute. You are so right, the vegetables love the extra nitrogen!

WILDBLUESbysus said...

Thanks for finding me and commenting. Apottopeein is used exclusively by the female here. You're right. My husband informed me he already discovered the same simpler method that you describe.
I'll check your blog too.
Happy greening Gavin.

Chile said...

Love the container, Susan, and agree that it's not fair the guys have an easier time dispensing nitrogen!